Introducing Sistan & Baluchestan Development Coordinator Structure

Zabol Cement Industries Company, after eight years of operation of Sistan Cement Factory, now comprises a group of eleven economic complexes, which has recorded its successful performance in past activities, gathering the strengths and capacities of the complex in all industrial, commercial, Mining, service and management proven and with over 1200 direct jobs as the largest employment center of Sistan and Baluchistan has become a well-known and successful brand of development and entrepreneurship in Iran Land and thus accelerate and expand further the field. Its activities set a definite policy in order to play a maximal role in the advancement of Sistan and Bell And the taste is defined.

Accelerating this important provincial and national mission requires changing organizational relationships in companies affiliated with Zabol Cement Industries and creating a holding structure for companies to facilitate people's capitalization and accelerate and expand investment in new areas.

To this end, on May 27, 1977, "Sistan & Baluchestan Development Cooperation" was registered in Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone with 100% shareholding of Zabol Cement Industry Company to play a leading role in creating future structure of investment and investment plans and capital. Collection entries can be made this way.

Currently, the first Sistan-Baluchistan Development Holding Company, called Development Partners, is now planning to provide a secure investment platform for the province and accept new people's investment in Makran steel to invest 615 billion riyals in this national industrial project. Steel »to register up to 49% of its share capital at the nominal price of Makran Steel shares to local investors in Sistan and Baluchistan province prioritizing Zabul Cement shareholders.

After the contract with Steel in March 2016, 246 billion Rials was paid as 40% of the company's investment in Makran Steel by Zabol Cement and by the end of September 1396 it was paid another 187 billion Rials as stakeholder interest This is a valuable investment.

Therefore, this golden opportunity is available to the esteemed shareholders of Zabol Cement Industries to join as the founding board of Steel Development Partners, once again, for a successful and successful startup and to invest in Makran steel project from at least one billion Rials to Participate up to a maximum of twenty billion Rials.

In addition, Sistan-Baluchistan Development Partners intends to undertake the mission of creating a holding structure, centralized management, and a new relationship between companies created in previous years and future investments for years to come.

Hoping for prosperity and prosperity of dear Sistan and Baluchistan and Iran.

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